TEDx Bangalore: From Solving to Serving to Surrender

Posted by Lahar Mehta on Mar 27, 2014

Our dear friend Nimo Patel was recently invited to share his journey with Empty Hands at the TEDx event in Bangalore. Here is the just-released video - 'From Solving to Serving to Surrender' with his talk and performance of Being Kind :)

And here's a sneak peak from a beautiful documentary made by Ellie Walton on his upcoming Empty Hands Tour!

Posted by Lahar Mehta on Mar 27, 2014 | permalink

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  • Geeta Randery wrote ...

    Your words, thoughts, and actions are so inspiring Nimo. Keep up "Being Kind" … I aspire to be just a little bit like you everyday ;)

  • Drishti wrote ...

    Wow :) Awesome :):)

  • Bina Nanavaty wrote ...

    I attended one workshop with you and realised what being humble means.I will never forget the value of gratitude that I learnt that day .

  • Vandana wrote ...

    Wow! I had the honor and privilege to meet and spend time with Nimo last week in Detroit on his Empty Hands Tour. He is incredible. Not only is he extremely talented and humble but every word that comes out of his mouth is Truth. I am so humbled to call him a friend. This TED Talk and offering is rich with Nimo's life essence and shows the authenticity of his message. Thank you so much for sharing.