Nadiad Residents send World Peace Prayers!

Posted by Monk Mukesh Anand on Jun 13, 2014

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Over the last couple of years, we had built a beautiful connection with Yuka Saoinji from Japan -- and her important work of peace prayer. To support their global SOPP (Symphony of Peace Prayers) event, we organized the World Peace Prayer at Santaram Temple, Nadiad on 18th May, 2014. It is estimated that close to 1,200 people – children, devotees and monks – were a part of the events on this ocassion. The entire day was filled with various activities, to inspire various groups of people and spread the message of peace.

We were also blessed that Shree Ramdasji, the present Mahant of the Nadiad temple, and the ninth Mahant on the Gadi of the temple (spiritual head of Santram Mandir) graced the ocassion. He shared with everyone, his message on spirituality and peace. The rules of the Ashram prevent us from videotaping him, but here is his audio message:

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  • Nipun wrote ...

    Dear Mukeshanand, what a joy to read this. When we see hearts connecting like this, from Nadiad to Japan to the whole world, Vinoba's phrase "Jai Jagat" really does come to mind. It is particularly poignant that I'm writing this from Taiwan where bunch of monks and nuns are holding similar intentions. With gratitude ...

  • nimo wrote ...

    Amazing Mukeshbhai and Family!! It is so wonderful to see you connect Nadiad with our global family!