From Independence to Inter-dependence: Moved By Love in August

Posted by Siddharth Sthalekar on Aug 18, 2014

45 beautiful souls from Kutch to Lucknow to Raipur to Nagpur and more came together for the Head, Heart, Hands Retreat at ESI Sughad this weekend. While the gathering began with a simple tribute to the Independence of the Nation, it very organically flowed into exploring our Inter-dependence. 

From an opening circle that made us all feel right at home, to painting walls and cleaning toilets together at the Loving Community, to holding each other through our most vulnerable moments on the last day we really did see it all :)

More comments and reflections from the 3 days coming soon, but for now, here are some pictures from the gathering!
  And here's a film made by Madhu that captured the spirit of the circle!

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  • Purvi Shah wrote ...

    What a powerful experience it was. I am thankful to Ishwar dada and Jayeshbhai for offering this sacred space which has so strong positive vibrations. People started blending with each other with opening circle and how easily we were able to share our stories and experiences. The whole process of head, hands and heart have truly moved me and I am sure most of us. After Jayeshbhai's sharing on 2nd day, I felt like we all got spiritually connected. Many of us were in tears so often and felt experiences of selfless relationships during this retreat. This retreat has helped me to look within of what practices and values I am carrying with my present life, and who I want to be... I felt connected with all and with my self. Hope we all will take this retreat spirit where ever we are. Difficult to express this feelings in words. But as Nimo's song says : and I am grateful for it all...!!!!

    Love, Hugs and Smiles to all for holding this space.

  • nisha wrote ...


  • Harshita wrote ...

    Here's a poem I wrote that captured the spirit of the Retreat for me :)

    Started it off as a blank paper..
    Took it as my office routine breaker..
    Was Carrying many questions in mind...
    Answers of which I need to find...!!

    Was surprised by hospitality..
    Got Moved by everyone's originality..
    Working behind the scene was fun..
    Was moved by things I got to learn..!!

    Every activity brought me closer to myself..
    Got moved by introduction with oneself..
    Way we got invited for eating was delightful..
    Got moved by volunteers insightful..!!

    We shared fit of crying..
    Got moved by everyone's sighing..
    We shared moment of laughter treasure..
    Got moved by secret angel's gesture..!!

    Blank paper got filled with beautiful colors..
    Got moved by colors of others..
    My heart was filled with gratitude..
    Was moved by MOVED BY LOVE attitude...!!!