Maitri Milan - 2014

Posted by Madhusudan Agarwal on Oct 5, 2014

40 volunteers from across the Moved By Love eco-system gathered for the annual 'Maitri Milan' or 'Gathering of Noble Friends' at the ESI Campus on the outskirts of Ahmedabad. The three days saw us laughing like clowns, tearing up like children and holding circles for sharing well beyond 4 hours! It's hard to explain what brings together people in this spirit. It became all the more apparent to me at the Evening of Inspiration watching stories of people as diverse as Lahar, Pratyush, Paragbhai and Shaalini unfold.

It was a gathering that held space for Neil to share some of his weakest moments, for Sheetal to share her brightest and for Deven to even bring out moments from childhood. From our virtues to our vulnerabilities or even vices - what brought us all was a simple intention to put love at the centre. And when we held that value at its absolute highest level, what emerged was a plethora of ties rooted in maitri, a fountain that nourished us, ready to ripple out the love into our own communities.

As we posted this blog, several conversations are already underway to take what we experienced further into our lives. As people board their planes and trains back home, they leave with a tear in their eye, but a heart that is lit up to allow newer intentions and projects to emerge. The love revolution seems like it's flowing already.

More comments and pictures below :)


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  • Shaily wrote ...

    I miss I miss I miss all of you! :)<3

  • ashima wrote ...

    I do ditto to Shaily! I miss I miss I miss everyone :) <3 muito muito amor..

  • Neeti wrote ...

    I ditto too with Shaily & Ashima......."Dear Family, I miss, I miss, I miss all of you" :)<3

  • Sachi wrote ...

    I ditto 4! Missing all of you and can't wait to be in the Maitri space and see all of you again ! big hugs from Muuuuummmbbbaaaaaaaiiii!

  • birju wrote ...

    missing everyone, sending love :)

  • Pankaj Pandey wrote ...

    I wish to join ... hope

  • Vandana wrote ...

    Looks like so much fun and Love!