Cooked by Love, A story of Kavita Rajvansh

Posted by Shashi Shekhar on Nov 27, 2014

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Dear Ones
Happy Saturday :) Greeting from dil and Delhi. I am sure as the weather is cooling up, your heart will be warming up with love by every passing day. As usual for me Saturday is a day for me when I call up my ‘moved by love family’, so today I called up kavita aunty and the conversation we had made tears of love roll out of my eyes.

So here I am with a story of a mother who shifted from worrying to loving and giving while her son is out there on a journey which has enough capability of giving any mom many sleepless night and Kavita aunty was no different.

But as we know she is very strong lady and is deeply moved by love. It came to her cognizance that someone unknown might be feeding Pratyush daily (by her trust in collective, she knew that someone is giving food and shelter to him) so why not she should feed someone daily, one meal a day she can afford ( by not straining her physic much) to offer.

Hence started a daily practice of cooking with love and finding someone, whom she could offer this gift of love. She invites a person every day to her home and offer them food with love and comfort of the home. The invitees are people like maid, gardener, guards, sweeper etc and when she couldn’t find someone then she goes with the food to street and roams there until she find someone whom she could offer her gift. She says “it’s with god’s grace that every day I find someone to offer the food, which helps me to continue with this vow”. It has been almost a month now since Pratyush left and she has feed someone every single day. I was very much moved by her commitment of service at this age.
Recently she invited her Gardner to her house and while feeding him she was telling him the story of Pratyush and his recent journey the Gardner replied “bhen aap chinta mat karo apka beta raja hai use kabhi kisi chij ki kami nahi hogi main janta hun unko”. She says “I felt so loved the Gardner who till date had always called me madam called me sister today and I can feel the love about me and pratyush in his voice. Shashi trust me I am getting to know incredible souls through this and coming close to people in real sense. Pratyush’s journey is giving new meaning to my being”. So while pratyush is out on roads to search him, she is out on the roads to find pratyush in every one around and offer her motherhood by her cooked food.

I asked her have you heard from Pratyush in all these days, she replied “no”. I can sense a little sadness in her voice, so I said “I am sure you will hear from him soon” and prayed to god please make him call. As the guest of the day has arrived so aunty told me she will call me after offering food to the lady who just arrived.
I did receive a call from her and this time she was on cloud nine as Pratyush just called her ever since he left. This incident made me believe more about the interconnection we share with god through our prayers. It was magical for me and so was it for aunty.
She says “my initial thought was that this offering of her will get Pratyush food every day and she will continue it till Pratyush is back. But now it is much beyond as it is bringing a lot of transformation and generating a lot of love inside me for the unknown. So I may continue it even when partyush is back.”
She further continues “I am really grateful to each one of you and MBL family in large to put me on this journey. As Nidhi is baking with love so I am cooking with love.

I was wondering since winter is not considered good for seniors, for our aunty every year it brings to her a new gift to offer last year it was cloths and this year it is food.
I pray to god for auntie’s good health so that every winter she could become new Santa J bringing smiles with her gift.

Further Pratyush has wished you all happy Saturday and has asked to covey that he is in good health. He will be now completing this parikrama of Narmada which he will finish again coming back to amarkantak, MP. So now he won’t be back before 4 months now

Lets pray for the mother and son duo "may they have all the light to illuminate their path"

P.S- If you want to covey your love to aunty you can call her or email me (as she hardly uses her email ). I will make sure that your message is conveyed.

Moved By love


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  • Michele Hughes wrote ...

    My sweet friend Kavita is the embodiment of Mother,totally selfless. My daily prayers will always be for her inner peace and spiritual fulfillment which she surely will obtain through the Masters grace; and prayers for Pratyush's safe return will continue. Love, Michele

  • maria seiler wrote ...

    Dear Sister Kavita, It was just yesterday that I was looking at your picture with Yogesh at TIP and now I get this expression of love. We are all connected as beads on a necklace and our divine essence will keep us ever in the Mothers love. It is that expression you are revealing and my prayers for you and Pratyush are offered for his safe journey and your acceptance of life's challenges. Please come again for visit, I hopefully am moving to the Vedanta Center in Saint Petersburg, Fl. as soon as I sell my home here and we could spend time together as we did at TIP with loving devotees. Best wishes, Maria

  • Parul Negi wrote ...

    YES its true when we share our grief through service to fellow beings instead of self pity there is a magic , something sublime that one cannot express in words. It is a DIVINE feeling that passes joy and cheer to others!