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Posted by Tharanath Gajendra on Apr 4, 2015

Since last couple of months, there is an attempt to take Seva Cafe on the door steps of Old age homes, orphanages and similar places where we can show we are a part of them and also our gratitude for them being in our life. This we do by some of us sharing the complete expenses and then volunteers contributing collectively (Pay as you can). This has been great success as we had seen the joy at both ends..

Recently when we were discussing this subject with a friend, Then came an Idea of having an Inclusive Seva cafe. Somebody suggested that rather than doing it for them, make them the volunteers and make them feel special. This idea turned in to reality by having a Seva Cafe using kids from Snehadhara, an Institution which is working towards making betterment of Autistic kids using art as a medium..Their goal is to make these kids do minimum required tasks to live independently and they are really doing a great job.

Once the idea was conceived, we announced the event couple of weeks early.. From then we had some of the kids visit the restaurant and spend some time there to get familiarise with the place and also the peoples.. They spent weeks together preparing decorating materials. They even tried out their hands in cooking in their own kitchen in preparation for their service in Seva Cafe..

Then came the day..Day of Seva...

We had restaurant full of volunteers, every one was on to some thing or the other. The three Big stoves in restaurant kitchen was very busy.. it was 11.30 am and nothing was ready. One of the seva cafe volunteer was coming and reminding of the time.. and i had no answer.. But i always believed when you are in the seva mode.. Nothing can go wrong. It was a trust rock solid deep within me. However at 12.20 when the first guest arrives..We were ready to serve.

I would like share some comments we later received on facebook

Geetanjali who heads the Snehadhara writes..
Thank you each one of you who made this possible...In gratitude and overwhelmed at the being loved, getting to love and feeling loved.

For those of you who missed it... here are the pictures of the truly magical Seva Cafe.

A Dear Friend Sharath Ramanna Seva Cafe Volunteer capturing the beautiful moments unfolding through his lens Writes

" Spent an entire day amongst specially-abled children, they are so beautiful and so lovable. i got to learn so much from them. Their innocence, honesty,sense of excitement and their genuine love.

I feel humbled and am filled with utmost gratitude for having experienced this. One of the most wonderful experiences that I've ever had in my life.

Tiny drops of tears are dripping from my eyes while their pictures flash in front of me when I'm typing this.. I can never forget them nor will i ever forget those moments I spent amongst them..

It's moments like these that makes my life worth living." - Sharath Ramanna

Sowmya Reddy - the owner of the restaurant Paradigm shift writes..

"This a wonderful day. I've never seen this one before." -
Maya Angelou

Today was not just a wonderful day but a milestone. I just express what an amazing and filling day this has been. Pure joy and love is just what I've been experiencing all throughout while planning for this special seva cafe all month that happened today. A day by the specially-abled children of Snehadhara, who did everything from making decorations, cutting vegetables, cooking, serving, drumming, welcoming, dancing, everything. So moved by their genuine smile and love.
I miss them already. - Sowmya Reddy

This is the true magic Seva Cafe..a Magic with selfless service.

In the end Seva Cafe and The Paradigm Shift Restaurant decided to donate all the funds generated by the event to Snehadhara to continue their good work.

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  • purvi wrote ...

    Wah..wonderful souls created wonderful magic... love you all for being what you are...