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Posted by Darpan Trivedi on Apr 24, 2015

[Some of you might have read about the curious case of Mihir who went on a little experiment that changed his relationship with money. In a similar experiment Darpan was tagged with Rs 13. Rounding it off to Rs 20, Darpan realised he had just about Rs 2 for every act. He shares how the experiment unfolded for him beautifully.]

So my sister (Drishti) was tagged with Rs1050 with a letter for a week and the task was not to use more than 10% in a single act. So it was as usual amazing experience for me as I had the opportunity to accompany her. Then at the end of the week she was left with rs 13 and now she was suppose to tag this money forward and the people who tagged her told we wish to add more 500 Rs in that 13 Rs so as you tag forward the other person can also experiment. At that time a thought came and I was laughing that if Drishti tags only 13 Rs to some one what that person will do in 10% of that amount even if we round up the amount to 20 Rs what can a person do in 10% (2 Rs for an act) and then a line from the letter given to Drishti along with money came in mind and it was use this money as an experiment to stretch your boundaries and I told myself lets do this and this is how I took this 20 Rs. Now the letter along with 20 Rs was passed to me and the letter read "treat this as an experiment to understand your relationship with money and how you flow it"
" There are only opportunities to stretch our boundaries and learn in the process."
" Your role is to question how much magic you can ignite with the resources you possess."

So all these lines made me think over it and at every moment I was feeling what can I do with 2 Rs. What value do we consider of 2 Rs in today's life. According to me 2 Rs dint had value before this experiment. As you cannot do anything you cannot buy even any food stuff which will fulfil some one's hunger. You can only give chocolates and what else ? As I was not suppose to use more then 2 Rs for one act I can only give 2 chocolates what more. It took me half a week to think and every time it was so amazing to observe my thought process .As a human tendency which says you have to make full use of money or else it will turn to ashes and return to soil, so instead create values from it. Now the question was what is value according to me. For me moneys value is that if it can make some one smile, make some one happy for however small time in however small manner. So the answer was clear but now the question was what value can you create from 2 Rs and this experiment helped me to find its answer and also helped me to learn the value of 2 Rs.

1. I used 2 Rs and bought a Parle G biscuit packet. Now again came in my mind was the lines from letter which said use this as an opportunity to stretch your boundaries and my boundary in kindness was I was more comfortable in tagging or offering unknown people but doing acts of kindness with know people was a task as after you do something they ask 10 questions. But yaa as this was experiment to stretch boundaries I decided to do so and I tagged the biscuit packet to a friend in college and if at all I would have tagged a 20 Rs cream biscuit packet people would have readily accepted but now it was a 2 Rs small biscuit packet so there were things coming in mind but I did it and friends were happy.

2. I used 2 Rs and bought chocolates and also gave them to other friends in college. It was weird for them but they smiled and were happy. And that day I learnt its not all about what I am offering be it a 2 Rs biscuit packet or 100 Rs chocolate, its all about with how much love I am offering and with the purest intention. It helped me to refine my thoughts and beliefs and its not all about whom you offer may be known or unknown person.

3. A letter and pen to Nitish (a wonderful volunteer) . Nitish is currently in 11th std and he is blessed with the art of writing poems on his own since childhood. And a year back when he was in 10th std his one book got published and he was selected and awarded as young poet. So I wrote a gratitude to him along with a 2 Rs pen to keep writing his wonderful poems.

4. I used 2 Rs for buying popcorn.
So we approached to a popcorn vendor and asked him to pack 2 Rs popcorn. He looked at us and started laughing saying nothing come in 2 Rs I have the smallest packet of 5 Rs. We explained him the task but still he was not convinced and then we bought a big packet of 10 Rs and asked to pack one of 2 Rs and we tagged that packet of 2 Rs popcorn to some kids on street.

5. We bought a 2 Rs surf axle (washing powder) and tagged it to a lady who stays on footpath . I had observed her washing her clothes on street a few days back so tagged her with that washing powder packet.

6. We bought 2 Rs incense stick packet and tagged it to our building watchman. He is from Nepal so it was so wonderful to break in conversation with him about which god they believe. It was an awesome conversation where knowing more about his views on god and it was so wonderful.

7. Bought a 2 Rs eraser and tagged it to my younger sister with a letter

8. We bought 2 Rs pepsi cola and tagged to random kids.

9. Now after using all this money i got to know the real value of 2 Rs so now i donated 2 Rs to masti ki pathshala(school where volunteers teach under privileged kids) with all the love as even 2 Rs can create so much magic.

10. Took a xerox of daily good from 2 Rs and gifted it.

Also it taught me that , even the things I feel that don’t have value created magic .My perspective have change so I also experimented doing things without money as yes they also have value and you can still make some one happy and smile.

11. Gave ear to few of my friends and had long conversations where they shared about their struggles in life and many things and I felt good sharing that space.

12. We had "dil ki kahani" with kids of our masti ki pathshala where after a long period of 2 and half year of togetherness we felt so connected where we went into some deeper conversation about their personal life which helped us strengthen our bonds also helped to know them in a better manner. So it helped us to reflect on many things about school.

13. Also I messaged all my school friends and had a chat with them as I took some time from the schedule and ask them how are you. It was great to reconnect all of us felt good.

Feel so much grateful to everyone. Drishti, Mihir and Sid bhai and all. Thank you for this opportunity to reflect on my relation with money.

" Kindness will be all we can leave behind"

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  • Neerad wrote ...

    Beautiful Darpan. Its amazing how a small experiment can snowball into a kindness wave. Kudos to each one of you who created and participated in this experiment.

  • khushmita wrote ...

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful experiment much to learn from it :) It truly expands one's boundaries and beliefs..

  • Jignasha wrote ...

    Amazing Darpan. Thank you for sharing this amazing experiment. I am feeling so much more grateful for all that I have and the possibilities :)

  • Amol wrote ...

    Wonderful experiment & reflections ! Darpan thanks for mirroring them ! :)

  • sheetal wrote ...

    Thanks for sharing your experiments and your insights... Did not realise how much a two rupees gift can do..

  • Purvi wrote ...

    Wonderful experiment..!! And good to read your insights..!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Neeti wrote ...

    2 rupees can buy so much? Wow Darpan its inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  • Trupti wrote ...

    Bapre. .i am all smiling Darpan and Drishti. The list was just going on and on and on. Simply simply amazing. .Its wonder. .ekdum majja padi gai :-0

  • swar wrote ...

    Darpan! Superb! So amazing! Feel super energetic.

  • Meghna wrote ...

    DT twins!!!! you guys are super inspiring :) Reminds me (in action) of this weeks Awakin passage on Radical Amazement and the power of Wonder :) A-M-A-Z-I-N-G :)