Stitch A Heart!

Posted by sunita Lama on Feb 25, 2018

Everything was perfect about Saturday; beautiful weather, lush green garden overlooking a tranquil lake (an odyssey in the desert), warmth of the host (Faye) and eight enthusiastic heart weavers! That morning,one of us had prayed for beauty to unfold and does the universe ever let down a sincere prayer?

Inspired by the beautifully crafted heartpins, a few of us in  Dubai decided to give it a go. Sehr, the lucky 'seamstress' who had witnessed the process gave us the lead. She arranged for instructional videos to be shared from India, purchased all the items and finalized the venue, day and time. We just went with the flow.:) 
The morning took off with a minute of grounding, followed by, 'inspirational' hugs. Faye had already laid the table with food and beverages and her angelic granddaughter gave us company with her innocent curiosity. Steps for preparing the heart pins were numbered and placed on the table.

We crafted a few hearts but it was being in that circle that was therapeutic.

Five takeaways from the experience are :

1. Collective circle makes learning fun even if it means many, many trials.:)
2. Stitching/craftwork is a mindful process.
3. There’s joy in working with our hands. (Experienced childlike thrill when done).
4. We are grateful to the ladies who craft these hearts because we understand how meticulous the process is.
5. Finally, it's a ‘stress buster’.


'It was lovely to meet new people and to be in that energy. I would like to take part in more heart opening circles where just being in a space with an open heart vibrates through all.'


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  • Ashima Goyal wrote ...

    wow! :-) such pretty hearts! btw where is this video of interactions for sticking hearts?I want to give it a go too!

  • sunita Lama wrote ...

    I've emailed the videos. :) Good Luck!

  • Rajni Gohil wrote ...

    Living with heart open is a real thing to do. Stitch a HEART project will definitely bring many hearts together and inspire others to follow suit.