SpiriTed with Sudhakar

Posted by Sheetal Sanghvi on May 1, 2013

Sudhakar Ram, CMD and Co-Founder of Mastek, recently dropped by at one of the Awakin gatherings at Rakeshs home. As is the case with all SpiriTed circles - people huddled close in a living room, offering their attention to Sudhakars insights into his journey. Heres a video from the gathering.

Sudhakar Ram, is CMD and Co-Founder of Mastek - a leading IT solutions company is a keen observer of domestic and global trends. He uses his deep insight into the industry to frequently write articles and columns for leading newspapers. He is currently researching how the world needs to reinvent itself to meet the challenges of the Connected Age -- the 21st century -- and shares his insights in his blog: The New Constructs

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