SpiriTed Circle with Anjali Desai

Posted by Sheetal Sanghvi on May 29, 2013

The Pune family was blessed to have Anjali Desai passing through our space. Those who know her, would have witnessed her unconditional service to communities from Kutch to the slums of Ahmedabad. The last decade has seen her working in Gift Economy spaces like the Seva Cafe to empowering women to serving slum children. For her, service has been a constant journey of self discovery.
Here is a video from her SpiriTed circle, sharing insights from her pilgrimage last year at the Camino De Santiago to her experimental work with the children of Patangyu School.

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  • caroline wrote ...

    How wonderful to see you Anjali talk about your journey on Santiago's journey! I met Ankur and Mariam in Paris :) :)
    Love from Paris!