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Posted by Neerad Trivedi on Jan 10, 2014

We currently run a campus-to-corporate program for engineering students of a college. This Christmas day was a working day for us. So we introduced this bunch of enthusiastic budding engineers to Random Acts of Kindness. Without much planning we decided to go with the flow, we gathered at college canteen and rolled out “smile, have a nice day, free chai, free hugs” and other posters took off to a nearby signal. In the beginning there were all sorts of questions – will they look at us, will they smile back, what will they think of us, etc. The magic of smiles, hugs, laughter and blessings unfolded within the next two hours. These engineers were having their first taste of “inner engineering”. 

As we sat down for the reflection circle what flowed from each one was joy and contentment of having had a life changing Christmas party. Shiv-who made more than 50 quotes & gratitude cards, said he wished to continue doing it for a whole day. Yet another guy got a Gandhian cap in exchange of Santa cap from an uncle who he connected with through a “free hug”. Our tea vendor was so moved by the whole act that he took only half the bill. One girl shared that she felt that “in giving is receiving”. We felt immense gratitude for all friends who joined on this day and made it a wonderful Christmas.

Sheetal sanghvi shared his favourite reflection on kindness when he received peru (Guava) as prasad from manjula tai.
It’s awesome what just one moment of looking at someone deeply can do. She completely opened up once we connected with her. She offered us peru(Guava) as if she saw the pilgrim in us attempting inner transformation... what a shift..

Khushmita shared:

It was really a blessed day :)
For me the beauty of shedding inhibitions and hugging people regardless of their gender was very heart opening...earlier I would only hug people that looked safe or maybe only women.
Standing there on the street, initially, I just hugged a few aunties and kids on the road..slowly I opened up and hugged a few old kaka's. My moment of pure oneness took place when I went up to a young man on a bike and interacted with him and then spontaneously hugged him..that broke some barrier within and it was such a pure feeling of oneness where the man looked at me with a kind, brotherly love and we both knew that our spirits were filled with joy...

it was truly a “vasudeva kutumbakam” moment for me.

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