Walking with Vinoba

Posted by Madhusudan on Apr 19, 2014

Arun dada left home when he was just 19 and together with Meera ba connected with Vinoba Bhave during the Bhoodan movement and have ever since lived a life in service.
During our conversation with ba and dada I noticed two things – first, everytime they both spoke, the room was filled with ripples of joy. Second, between these conversations there were moments of stillness – quiet and peaceful, full of connection. I asked about this internal state of being and the external manifestation, what was it, how was it happening. Meera ba shared something beautiful that I am still soaking in. She said that Vinoba always spoke of ‘nihspandit hona’ – it is difficult to explain nihspand in English but I will try – Spandit hona is a verb which means ‘to vibrate’. Therefore Nihspandit hona would mean ‘to be still’.
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