SpiriTed Talks from the Moved By Love Retreat

Posted by Ashima Goyal on Apr 15, 2014

At the Moved By Love Retreat in December, 4 of our dear friends stepped up to shared stories from their journey with the entire circle. Here are some moments from the talks!

Birju Pandya:
Birju Pandya focuses on the nexus of money, social good and inner transformation. He is a Managing Director with Armonia, a private equity firm specializing in ‘regenerative investing’ using nature-based solutions. He is also a senior advisor to RSF Social Finance, focusing on projects which facilitate ‘inner impact.’ Birju is a longtime volunteer of ServiceSpace, a non-profit that has been popularizing gift culture through numerous portals. Prior to this, Birju was a consultant with McKinsey & Company. He lives in San Francisco, CA.

Sandeep Brahmbhatt
Most people who have met Sandeep would have been touched by his simple, yet transformational positive attitude. For some, he’s an inspiring filmmaker with the Yes, I am the Change project, or even a musician who has even performed on the streets, but for a majority, he is someone you can go to when everything around you looks bleak. Often, you will find him armed with a camera, or guitar in his hand, igniting moments with his infectious smile as he pour his presence into every conversation. Sandeep is that persistent, yet small reminder that in spite of all that might be collapsing around us we can still choose to look at the world as beautiful. Here he is, sharing a few secret ingredients from his recipe for a joyous life.

Trupti Pandya
An incredible soul, and youngest of the three sisters in the Pandya family, Trupti is a trained psychologist who’s been working with special needs children for years. However, She’s been an inspiration for all of us to watch her come alive through small beautiful acts of service in and around her community. From offering acts of kindness as a birthday gift for her sister, to going out on the street and serving food to strangers, anchoring Awakins for the last three years, Karma Kitchens, retreats and was even part of the thirty day In-turnship. Here’s a short video by her, sharing what she’s learnt from micro-moments of service in the Moved By Love eco-system.

Kiran Gulrajani:
Kiran Gulrajani is the founder of CoEvolve. His singular contribution has been facilitating profound learning for over 500 leaders at senior levels of the corporate world, professional training, education, health and social initiatives in India, Singapore, USA, and other parts of the world.

On his journey Kiran has learnt from and connected deeply with Gay and Katie Hendricks, Dan Millman, Peter Senge,
Mark Silver and many other inspiring souls who have influenced his work. He has since connected many fellow travellers to them in the spirit of co-evolution.

Through his signature program, Tao of Facilitation, and his penchant for connecting with great minds and hearts, Kiran has developed a growing ecology of more than 100 gifted facilitators, many of whom have been experienced senior trainers in the field. He is currently authoring a book about this experience.

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