Introducing Maitri Tunes

Posted by Neerad Trivedi on Jun 2, 2014

We've just launched a new newsletter: Maitri Tunes!  Sometime in the last year, Sheetal Sanghvi was mulling over the idea of spreading songs that move the spirit.  And in April of this year, he informally started sending out an inspired song every week.  Now, we are opening it up to the world. :) 

Maitri Tunes is a weekly email containing a song/prayer/chant or poem from the various wisdom cultures and faiths around the world. As an invitation to deepen our understanding of these “tunes”, we will also offer the lyrics, translations and some interesting nuggets about them. We invite you to share your heart's favorite tune with us. We pray this service will allow us to collectively give expression to the music which stirs our spirit.

There have been some beautiful songs, ranging from a hum from Bhutan to Sanskrit verse to a Sufi poem.

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