Traude and Vishwanathan

Posted by Sheetal Vaidya on Aug 21, 2014

Traude aka Shanti at Aum pranav Ashram had a dream to serve the society. She was in university in Austria when her dream would give her sleepless nights and a deep calling of visiting India became stronger. She bought a ticket to India and the moment she stepped out of the flight she decided she will serve here and not go back.

This decision further guided her to meet Vishwanath who had a similar thought and both got married with blessings of his guru who blessed them with a life of service. He also prophesied that they should start an Ashram in Kutralayam and 3 kids will come one day seeking shelter and that would be the beginning of their work. This prophecy came true and Aum Pranav ashram now houses orphans, old age people, cows and dozens of stray dogs with love and care.

In this journey she has learned Tamil and speaks as fluently as any local would speak. She has adopted all Indian customs. She happily wrote "peace" on the car in French and her daughter Savitri wrote in Sanskrit! I was a bit scared of all the stray dogs around where we sat to chat but she made me comfortable by saying that all the pets are at peace with my energy as they didn't even bark as usually they would do upon seeing a stranger! Maybe in that moment i sorted my past life karma with the furred ones. The learning from that space and people was that of simplicity, surrender and service from heart.


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  • Sis Asha wrote ...

    I am so proud of brave souls who surrender their life to the service of the world. Congratulations!