Our First Moved by Love Call

Posted by Khushmita on Mar 19, 2016

After an eventful 2015, this year has already been packed with lots of events.  Already, we've held three retreats in Ahmedabad with volunteer support from many like Aabha, Bhumika and Madhu; Ragu and Nisha's day-long workshop in Hyderabad inspired more than 100 people; Smita-ben's NGO Founders retreat has led to changes in organizations across the country; in Surat, Parag continues to seed many kindness ripples; Deven and the most recent Startup Service crew continue to field replies on an email thread that started way back in December!  Dozens of Awakin Circles are happening in living rooms around India, celebrities are asking to sit in Uday-bhai's rickshaw (see this new video), Sheetal just sent the 100th issue of Maitri Tunes, Meghna's Wisdom Crafts experiment has surprisingly kicked into a new dimension.  And so much more.

Lot of projects and people coming together, to ignite small rays of love into the larger whole.  We've also come together for life's unexpected turns -- like Neerad's health.

To catch up on the inspiration, supporting one another, and give voice to emerging ideas, we have decided to start a regular video conference call.  Anyone is welcome to join, and each time, we'll invite a different parts of the ecosystem to share the goodness that is emerging in their corner of the ecology.  

Our first call will be on March 26th, Saturday, at 9:30PM IST.  To join, RSVP here and you'll be emailed all the logistical details.  Hope to "see" you then!   

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