Four Poems, When I Was Moved by Love

Posted by Ashwin Karthik on Dec 12, 2016

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I was introduced to ServiceSpace last year, while I was preparing for my TedX speech.

It was my dream to be a Ted speaker, and TedX was good enough to excite me if not the Ted. So I started looking for the best Ted talks to pickup some tips that I could use in my speech as well.  That is when I heard Nipun Bhai's Ted talk. And soon I was fortunate enough to listen to him in person at IIS 2015, where my mentor Ferose had invited him as a speaker.  I was blown away by his thought process. Fortunately Bharath and I struck a cordial relationship with Nipun bhai in few minutes, which soon turned into deep friendship.  He then invited both of us to the inclusion retreat in Ahmedabad this year and reminded us of our time together last year at IIS, November 2015. I couldn't decline the invitation.

When I told everyone about the invitation, it was decided that we make a road trip to Ahmedabad via Kolhapur, Shirdi, Baroda, Salangpur, Gir and Kuch. I was extremely excited.  My first road trip ever.
Though I didn't know what to expect from the retreat, I was delighted to meet Nipun bhai and friends like Kamesh and Jaideep, who told me that I could expect to nurture the fifth monk who would be born in me during the retreat. Which actually happened!  You can read more about it in my latest Truclusion column.
There was SO much love out there that I was moved to write a poem for my best friend Bharath who sacrificed so much for me.
जो हो मेरा शीशा
तू ने दी मेरे जीवन को दिशा
समझे मेरे मन की भाषा
ñत्म करे हर निराशा
ऐसा कोई मुझे डाँटे
पर गम भी मेरा बाँटे
तू हैँ ऐसा दोस्त मेरा
मेरी ñुशीयो का बसेरा
जैसी मीठी होती शक्कर की चाशनी
जैसी हैं सूरज मे रोशनी
ज़िन्दगी है मुसकुराती
देñ कर तेरी मेरी दोस्ती
The group spoke about the human chain as a chain of trees, which inspired me another poem:
You think I’m just green
But I have so many colours unseen
You think I am rooted I and I don’t walk
You do not know, I too talk
I am in all of you
With you, I too grew.
We all are trees.
To share love, we never seize.
We all have so much to offer.
Just believe in life, love and laughter
Then there was an activity of walking

Then there was an activity in which we were blind folded. It gave all of us a feeling of oneness, Hence this poem:
अलग अलग फूलो से बनता हैं बाग
सात अलग स्वरो से बनता हैं राग
इंद्रधनुश मे भी होते हैं सात रंग
लगते हैं सुंदर वो जब हो सब संग
जब जाता हैं सूरज डूब
चमकती हैं रात तारो संग ñूब
ñिलता हैं काँटो के संग गुलाब
दिñलाने हर मन को हसीन ñ्वाब
हम सब मे हैं कुछ अनोñी बात
वही तो हैं दुनीया को हमारी सौगात
हैं हम सब एक दूजे से जुदा
पर हम सब में एक ही ñुदा
Then happened the finale activity where all of us bowed and thanked forward hence the below poem.
था मैं आया ñाली हाथ
जाऊँगा दुनिया से क्या ले के साथ
जब दिñे मुझे सब मे केशव
तो क्यो धूँडू मैं कहीँ दानव
हैं जग में प्यार बेशुमार
तो क्यो चले बेकार तलवार
बस धरो थोडा सा धीरज
चमकेगा सबका सुरज
जब सब के लिए धडके मेरा ह्रदय
तभी तो हो जगत की जय
जब सब को माटी में हैं मिलना
तो तेरे मेरे पे क्यो भिडना
चले हम आज जिस पथ
था हमारे मोक्ष यह रथ

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