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Posted by Vidhi Desai on Feb 14, 2018

“Compassion isn’t about solutions. It’s about giving all the love you have got.”

Recently I was at a cancer home where kids and parents live together. Every day these families fight the struggle against cancer, together.  I feel blessed that I get some time with these kids living with cancer each week, and we find joys in those little hours. 

Last week  we did a heart circle where the kids got an opportunity to just be the way they are. They were told they can use their playful imagination to create whatever they want to and the colors added power to their joyful beings. 

The kids started exploring different ways of painting on papers, using their hands, fingers, and palms. They could use everything in abundance, which they felt was the biggest gift of that day. One boy came and shared that he had never been so happy as he was then. He said, “Didi, its not about the colours but it’s about letting us do what we want, without any thought constraints of somebody telling us or giving us a topic.”

Heart circle has evolved with this intention of letting each individual feel and acknowledge who they are and how they feel about it. It’s a journey of diving deeper, of colours that create miracles, sparks and moments of happiness that keep our inner strengths growing. 

It has been almost an year since heart circles started. The joys of heart circles are the moments of being child-like, of being powerful to powerlessness, of being vulnerable. These circles are a journey in which we are all together.
It is not the beauty of art you paint, its what your heart says and you feel it..!

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  • Trupti wrote ...

    Thank you for spreading love and light :-)