A New Morning To Maitri Meals!

Posted by Geetanjali Babbar on Sep 21, 2018

In 2016, Maitri Meals began its journey to provide alternate livelihood to the trafficked women living in brothels of GB Road, Delhi's largest red light area. Two women took the plunge and decided to live a new life with dignity and respect. Over the span of one year, the women prepared, packed, and sold more than 3000 healthy and hygienic meals.

The project was put on hold in 2017 as the ladies went for trainings in several other aspects of kitchen management than just cooking.

Amidst all the uncertainties, nervousness, passion, hope, fears, and challenges, we are yet again embarking on this journey. Today, in September 2018, we are writing another chapter of the same book with our hearts full of love, gratitude, and trust.

We are delighted to share pictures from DAY ONE of Maitri Meals 2.0, an initiative by Kat-Katha, where we are cooking mid-day meals for 130 children from four different PVR Nest centers in Delhi, managed by Art of Play. Together, we are celebrating the spirit of oneness, joy, and friendship through food. We feel blessed and grateful to each soul who has been a part of this journey in any form. Our Didis are finally spreading their wings outside of GB Road!

After delivering to PVR Centers, Maitri Meals team offered food with love to the nearby community. Here are some pictures of that.

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  • Nipun Mehta wrote ...

    That's beautiful, Babbar M'aam! :)

  • Vaishali Bhayani Shah wrote ...

    Congratulations Geetanjali! Great initiative filled with love and spreading love through food !