Karuna Virus, Karuna Act And Karuna Wifi

Posted by Kishan Laddha on Mar 31, 2020

[For last few days Jayesh Bhai is churning with his thoughts and reflections on Karuna Virus. It is incredible to witness the bhaav that is collectively emerging through deep sharing and listening. Sharing a few snippets of the same here.]

Since the past few days, in the wake of all that is emerging, I do not feel fear. Instead, I sense a space of calm and mindfulness. I feel a deep sense of love and prayer for universal goodness. Carrying this sacred space at the level of thought and action, has such deep potential. In the momentum of individual and collective fear and the pain many of us are experiencing, if we allow our inner-net to cultivate, weave, accept the pain and mess we are into --understand the impermanence of it all-- and transform the fear into a prayer of well-being of all - then I feel we may come closer to our connection with our roots, to our values. This can perhaps lead to many wholesome practices of our own inner-cultivation and outer manifestation of compassion (karuna) virus. This will allow us to extend our contribution deeper and further - to our contribution of thoughts and of cooperation towards our shared connection.

In this circle of connection, cooperation and contribution, our connection is to our higher consciousness, a genuine heart and mind of service, so to speak. When we are in tune with that interconnection of our consciousness; when we align ourselves to operate through love and compassion with a selfless understanding of that interconnection, we will be in service to the whole. This is the order of Nature.

To channel the energy of the heart and mind, we share the noble thoughts for universal goodness. To channel the energy of the body, we engage in service to the whole. And we do that by taking small mindful steps - like cooking with love, cleaning with mindfulness, engaging in deep listening with whoever shows up at our door and so on.

By allowing us to pause and deeply reflect on this, Nature has gifted us with Karuna Virus as we transit from nature to culture to future. Whenever humankind has been elevated in fragments of competition, self-centeredness, jealousy, consumption, greed, separation, etc. - Nature has very gently interfered to bring back its balance, equilibrium and awareness. And this shift in our inherent nature may birth a new culture of consciousness that may lead to a very hopeful future, perhaps a conviction to be in service to the sacred, to be in service to the whole web of life.

The more I am aligning myself to this thought and feeling, I am beginning to see this as a time of transformation for the entire civilization. A time where the common collective is rising to its authentic, yet gentle power. While we are all one at the level of soul, the field of unwholesome thoughts and actions continued to dominate our narrative. However, now the time has arrived where we see the collective going from its subtle, to subtler and subtlest forms. Very truly aligning to the phrase, “in a gentle way we can shake the world”. We continue to see around us - people, spaces and movements from all walks of life are coming together in their own decentralized and organic ways towards this one shared intention of service to the whole.

Corona Virus created the field for Karuna Virus. [“Karuna” is sanskrit for “compassion”] What started as a Karuna Virus is now inviting us to move towards Karuna Actions, that will strengthen our Karuna Wifi.

Karuna Virus - contagious contribution of compassion with loving kindness for universal goodness.
Karuna Act - cultivation through personal practices for our stillness
Karuna Wifi - connection through eternal values (roots) that strengthen our foundation towards universal goodness.

Wherever we are in our inner world and in our outer world, may we turn on the torch light of contribution, connection and cultivation.

May we strengthen the connection with consciousness (Love Jagat) through which creativity for loving kindness acts towards humanity and all the Earth Family emerges, to come back into kinship with all life.

May these 21 days of lockdown in India become an opportunity to find the joys of simplicity.

May we cooperate and co-create small practices that we align with; towards the collective consciousness and spread ourselves though distributed droplets of compassion.

This 21 days of ‘Lock’ down is in-fact a ‘Key’ of compassion for the entire Earth. It brings with it a key to reflect and act on collective personal practices.

May we all collectively take this opportunity to joyfully come together; in love, understanding & cooperation and make this world a more beautiful place - one small ‘key’ (act) at a time.

Love All - Serve All - Share with All

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    Nature is feeding on the consciousness that dropped the glut of oil. Green and breathing. Leela ...
    . Maya dance..