21-Day KarunaVirus Challenge (in Hindi!)

Posted by Archana Parsai on Apr 14, 2020

Inspired by KindSpring and KarunaVirus, we started a #CoVIT21 challenge -- Compassion Virus Inner Transformation of 21 days :)) -- on Facebook and WhatsApp groups, which ended today.

We selected 5 acts from each - Kindness, Reverence, Gratitude and Mindfulness and created beautiful posters for each of them - 21 Days Posters

The prompts were:

  • Practice wishing well for others
  • Thank you note for 3 public servant
  • Do something you have been putting off
  • See strength in weaknesses
  • Listen to an elder’s story
  • Spend time in stillness and silence.
  • Have a mindful meal .
  • Make space for forgiveness
  • Pay attention to your off moments
  • Practice digital mindfulness
  • What inconveniences are you grateful for
  • What is the best mistake you ever made
  • List 5 historical characters name and reason why you are grateful for
  • Write a gratitude note to your immediate family members (Mother/ Father, spouse, brother/Sister, children) listing 3 things you admire and grateful for
  • What is your most precious memory
  • Reconnect/Call at least 3 old pals and appreciate them for the good things they have done in your life
  • Share some inspiring story, video, film with your friends writing a note on how it has impacted you
  • Give up complaining for a day
  • Make an artwork with your hands
  • Call someone and listen to them with your full heart.
We had 364 members join the challenge (also translated in Hindi). Everyday participants shared their stories and experiences on the groups and everyday, I made 1-2 min videos compiling various reflections from the group!

You can see all the other videos, and images on our FB group. For instance, here is a photo from Day 19 ("Make Something with your Hands"):

It was so touching to see people’s responses. Even while locked inside the house, they felt that they could do a lot many things to spread more Karuna and compassion. We will start another circle from tomorrow. :)

(Also, our Laddership Circle started yesterday and I feel so blessed to be part of that!)

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  • Rohit Rajgarhia wrote ...

    Wow this is super amazing. :) :)

  • Meghna Banker wrote ...

    Ditto to what Rohit shared!! Great to see the ripples flowing through you so effortlessly!

  • Ashima wrote ...

    364 participants (+ you)! One for each day of the year :-) This is wonderful!

  • Lu Esteves wrote ...

    Wonderful 💜 and congratulations
    When a new program?