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Editor's Note: I was recently reminded that I always have the power to choose what story I want to live in - of separation or of connection; of corona or of karuna; of fear or of love.This virus has made virtues become viral and we cannot unsee the good we have seen. How we choose to act, react, and go forward will define the new story we all step into... --Ashima

Karuna Virus, Karuna Act, and Karuna WiFi

The current environment is characterised by fear and anxiety but Jayeshbhai says he senses a space of calm and mindfulness. He urges us to go deeper in our cultivation and acceptance of the pain with the understanding of its impermanence and to open the field for stronger connections and contributions.

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Making Karuna Viral

A pandemic reminds us that everything is connected. Covid-19 is contagious but we believe that compassion is even more contagious. Many people are creating, seeing and amplifying the good that is emerging in these unprecedented times. Here are some excerpts from a recent MBL coordinators' call to explore how to step up our service.

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21-Day Karuna Virus Challenge in Hindi

As the outside world comes to a standstill, how can we use this opportunity to transform our inner world? Inspired by Kindspring and Karuna Virus, Archana started a 21-Days of Inner Transformation Challenge in Hindi. 365 participants across the country came together in kindness, gratitude, reverence and mindfulness.

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Psssst ...

Nimo’s touching video reminds us that even when we have our physical limitations, our thoughts, prayers, and love can still reach far and wide! 
Prayer for the world: