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As we welcome the new year, we take a moment to pause and look back at the magic that was created in the last year. This is a special "throwback" newsletter of stories from 2018 that highlight our shared humanity and connected existence explained in one beautiful word, Ubuntu - I am because we are. --Ashima

Of holding and listening

Gayathri's experience at the HHH retreat describes love as a form of courage that flows from the heart. The energy charge and creativity that comes when one lets the heart lead the head is tremendous. It emphasizes on cultivating depth of practices that inspire internal cleansing thereby allowing you to surrender fully! Read Full Story »

Inclusion retreat: Inward flowering in Oneness

40 beautiful souls came together for the 2nd Inclusion Retreat in Hyderabad. Sharing experiences, blindfold experiments and confronting difficult questions; the group explored inclusion from a new perspective. As Priyanka rightly puts it, "Inclusion is not just about accessibility and equal opportunities; it is a mindset that honours humanity in each and everyone of us." Read Full Story »

Karma Kitchen, Auroville

Over the last years Karma Kitchen (KK) has connected hearts all over the world US, India, UK, Spain, Poland, Austria, Romania, Dubai, Israel, Nepal, Canada, Japan and many more. The magic of Karma Kitchen (KK) is difficult to put in words and can only be experienced. One volunteer had once said, "At the end of the day, I was tired to the core and yet I was looking forward to doing it all over again!". Zilong and Shaalini capture the magic in this beautiful reflection of KK Auroville. Read Full Story »

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Jai Jagat: 100 years of Sabarmati Ashram
In 2018, we celebrated 100 years of Sabarmati Ashram and 150 years of Gandhiji's birthday. This short film takes us through the journey of Sabarmati Ashram and the ladders who nourished the space, sharing the values of prayers, kindness, importance of girls education, and sanitation.

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