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"No demands forever; just give, give, and give" That's the love song that Kanti kaka left us all with. That's the spirit in which two sisters are walking a 2800-km pilgrimage, to give, give, and give; and that's the seed that parents are sowing as they come together in a mindful families retreat!  --Ashima

Life is a Game: Remembering Kanti Kaka

Kanti Kaka is known as the Master sculptor who has probably made most of the Gandhi statues around the world. To many of us he has been the wise elder guiding us with his simplicity, humility, and wisdom. Kishan remembers Kanti Kaka as he left us all with a beautiful song in our hearts. Read Full Story »

Mindful Families Retreat

Parents and children from around the country (and even outside) came together for the first Mindful Families retreat in Ahmedabad last year. The seeds of the retreat are probably as old as the kids! "The kids are here and they aren't leaving anytime soon!" Suchitra "reports live" from our first Mindful Families retreat. Read Full Story »

Two Pilgrim Sisters on Narmada

As Swara and Trupti left home for their 2800-km walking pilgrimage along the banks of holy river Narmada, Jignasha, their elder sister, shares their journey of preparation for this pilgrimage. How everything came together so that when the sisters left, they all felt complete, joyful, and ready. Read Full Story »

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Soak in the inspiration: Awakin calls are an all-volunteer offering to bring the stories and journeys of amazing change makers from around the world. Gayathri brings together 10 memorable calls of 2018 with insights and inspiring tidbits from each! 

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