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“A circle, like a river, is ever-present, never twice the same, always nourishing.” - Zilong
From three people sitting in silence on a Wednesday in Santa Clara, Awakin circles have organically spread to 100+ cities and continue being co-created. This, coupled with the unique path of "walking it yourself" has created a strong context making our journey more meaningful.

One Wednesday at a Time

Every Wednesday has been an opportunity to grow deeper in service for some of us through the extraordinarily ordinary Awakin circles. In this curated post, Ashima puts together the reflections of many Awakin hosts in the last year along with inspiring stories of kindness and generosity. Read Full Story »

Awakin Kids: First Anniversary

Manishbhai talks about his sacred feeling of being a host of the Awakin Kids circle. A beautiful space has emerged in his one year of hosting, where many parents join in volunteering and the whole atmosphere manifests love in the form of smiles, hugs, listening, trusting and caring for all. Read Full Story »

We Feel Grateful

Swara and Trupti are on a walking pilgrimage around the Narmada river. As they walk, without any money, supported entirely by the generosity of strangers, they reflect on how the community back home continues to nurture and help them grow through the path. Read Full Story »

Psssst ...

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” Little Shriya shares her kindness adventure as she picks up her acts from the Smile deck and ventures into each! Enjoy the video!

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