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Relationships create the fabric of our lives. They are the fibers that weave all things together.
We hope you enjoy month’s stories of new and old relationships, our deep interdependence and how we all have something to give.

The Cocoon of Love

Cocooned in the ESI Campus, the recent Head-Hands-Heart retreat brought together 39 kindred souls connecting with each other through service. As each explored their own cocoon of love, they found love is in the little every day moments, in work, service, trust, compassion and kindness. Read Full Story »

A Special Evening at Awakin Mumbai

Some of the special ripples of the Awakin circles have been the stillness being passed from parents to children. Few weeks ago, in the Awakin Mumbai circle, a daughter coaxed her mother to attend, creating a unique experience for all -- from innocent laughs to deep reflections. Read Full Story »

Raza: The Will of God

It is indeed his will that things are as they are. Sometimes we can witness the circle of life and sometimes not so clearly. Jyoti reflects about how serving her old neighbour in California ripples out to her own mother in India --it is a humbling glimpse into the weave that binds us all. Read Full Story »

Psssst ...

Last December, Suchitra Shenoy was invited to share at the India Inclusion Summit. The summit is a yearly gathering of people with disabilities, their families, social entrepreneurs and educational institutions.
Here's her talk at the summit titled Everyone Has Something to Give

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