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How do we balance inner transformation and external service? This is the essence of the learnings of my life -- if you serve others, you will be taken care of. - says Arun Dada. Meghna reflects on how continuous inner cleansing allows her to be a purer instrument of service. Soak in the wisdom! --Ashima

Arun Dada: I Just Love Thy Silently

What a privilege to live in the times of Arun dada, who radiates maitri, attempts to embody oneness and lives every moment in service to the divine. Having spent decades working for the upliftment of India, he was at Awakin, Santa Clara recently, sharing humbling stories and songs that turn our pointer inward. Read Full Story »

Inner Transformation and Service

We are all on a pilgrimage -- some tangible and some intangible. As we walk this path, transformation is inevitable. Meghna talks about the nuances of inner transformation, her practices, and the importance of small acts of service in her life in this beautiful webinar with Heartfulness Institute. Read Full Story »

Mindful Families Retreat - Sareena Reflects

Eight year old Sareena, who visited India for the first time in December 2018 to attend the Mindful Families Retreat at ESI, writes about attending her first ever ServiceSpace retreat, connecting to her roots, visiting the Gandhi Ashram, making new friends and meeting Santa:) An incredible post from our youngest author! Read Full Story »

Psssst ...

As we celebrated Earth Day on 22 April, here’s a song from Arun dada reminding us to live gently on Mother Earth gifted to us by the creator.

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