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On hearing about families being separated at the border, Pancho was moved to undertake a pilgrimage to connect hearts and build bridges. He walked for 93 days with no money, food, or ID; only love. A subtle Satyagraha for Jai Jagat, started on the same date as the Daandi Yaatra, 79 years ago. We dedicate this newsletter to Pancho’s spirit and message. --Shaalini

If you want to be a rebel, be kind

Panchos superpower is the radical power of love and non-violence. You may find him meditating, spreading Metta to everyone around or doing small acts of kindness and saying - I love you all! Those who know him well say, ''That's Pancho''. For those who don't, here is a beautiful article of his journey from being an astrophysicist to a soldier of compassion. Read Full Story »

A Beginning, No End

On March 12, 2019, the day of the Mexican New Year, brother Pancho began a journey of the longest distance from the head to the heart. Inspired by Gandhiji, he decided to walk from Oakland to the troubled Mexican border building the road of harmony, tending Mother Earth as he walked on it and sowing seeds of loving kindness. Read Full Story »

The Pilgrimage continues: Pancho's message from across the border

What inner cultivation does it take for Pancho to share a meditation practice with 15 migrant detainees in a tiny prison cell, memorize their phone numbers and call each detainee's home as soon as he was out? Harshida Aunty gives us a glimpse of the humongous heart that Pancho has carried for lifetimes in this message from Tijuana. Read Full Story »

Psssst ...

I love you all: As Pancho walked, he shared stories of love, hope and our common humanity. Here’s a talk that he gave at the Pilgrim United Church at Southern California. 

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