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Every moment is an opportunity to connect with each other; to walk together on this journey of life. This month, we share stories of many journeys that intersect, touch, influence and then ripple out. As Ram Dass said, ''We are all just walking each other home.'' Home to our wholeness; home to our interbeingness.  --Ashima

Nimo Reflects on the Jai Jagat Tour

17 children from 6 slums in Ahmedabad recently returned from a 2-month journey of sharing the message of ''one family'' across the USA and UK. The journey of the 90-min dance drama that these children and the volunteers took together was filled with learnings and gifts. Nimo shares simple stories that emerged through the process. Read Full Story »

Cultivating Harmony: Samanvay Retreat

40 participants from different walks of life and different parts of the world came together during the Samanvay retreat. Despite the differences, everyone felt a deep connection and harmony with each other. Like Jayesh bhai said, ''There is no other when the internal and external journey is one.'' Read Full Story »

Karma Kitchen, Surat

This month's theme of Karma Kitchen, Surat was ''Passport''- celebrating the journeys we all take and how our journeys intersect with each other. Whether you are sitting across a stranger at the community table or washing dishes with another at the back, every conversation is an opportunity to walk with each other. Read Full Story »

Psssst ...

Play. Learn. Grow: 200 volunteers came together to protect and renovate a dilapidated school in rural Karnataka. After 6 months of head, hands, and heart service, the school was brought back to its 1930 glory!  

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