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This month's newsletter captures heartwarming stories of compassion in action. A healer connecting with abandoned children through art; a young student building bridges between senior citizens and children; a dancer teaching fearlessness to traumatized kids and adults, a group connecting with their inner selves through dance movement and a young girl's efforts to bring reading to every kid in her neighborhood. --Vaishali Bhayani

Love Pill

Trupti shares how aggressive behavior can be transformed through the warmth of compassion. She works at a government home for abandoned children, many of whom suffer trauma from infancy. She narrates her experience with a 7-year old girl. Through unconditional acceptance and love, she was able to connect with the girl's heart and channelize her energy into expression through art. Read Full Story »

Laddering and Being Laddered

Rohit gives a glimpse into the Monsoon Laddership circle through two applicants Shreenabh and Sangeeta. Both, recipients of numerous national and international rewards for their service work with community and neglected groups and both, deeply grounded in personal practices of meditation and introspection. Rohit wonders who is the ladder and who is being laddered? Read Full Story »

The Healing Dance

Rumi said dance is the joy of existence. We are all in constant motion with Earth and dancing creates a heightened awareness of that movement. It helps express without words, without judgement, and connect us to elements within and around. Bhumika shares the experiences of all participants in last month's dance therapy HeArt circle. Read Full Story »

Psssst ...

India's Little Librarian: 9-year-old Muskaan Ahirwar lives in a slum in Bhopal where most kids do not have access to books, games, and other resources to quality education. She opened a free library outside her house to share books. A small step that changed the neighborhood kids!

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