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When work is sadhna, it is the source of abundance. There is no desire for a break from this work as it brings happiness, contentment and complete surrender. This month’s newsletter brings lessons from service journeys of sincere cultivators - a selfless sanitation worker, farmers in villages, children in the slums and many individuals leading a life of compassion. --Ashima

Sankalp, Sadhana, & Samadhi: Remembering Kanchan Mama

Many who have visited ESI Campus, remember Kanchan dada with his sweet smile, often immersed in teaching/making the 'jhadoo' (broom) for outer and inner cleanliness. Reflecting on his life, Jayesh bhai shares the values Kanchan dada embodied and left behind -- the values of surrender to service, inner practices and non-attachment. Read Full Story »

For True Cultivators, There is No Sunday

As Trupti and Swara walked through villages on their pilgrimage, every interaction with life was an opportunity to learn and grow - lessons of interdependence when the whole village comes together to build a home, of self-sufficiency when they eat what they grow, of compassion and of an innate closeness to nature. Read Full Story »

Learning the Law of Love - Nimo

In this podcast interview with Amisha, dear brother Nimo shares with us some powerful lessons received from the underprivileged children, their families and the teachings of Gandhiji. He talks about the deep inner work that guided him towards selfless service and offer his music as a gift to the world. Read Full Story »

Psssst ...

In gratitude to Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and in celebration of his 93rd continuation day on October 11th, mindfulness practitioners from around the world submitted photos of themselves, their families and their Sanghas putting his teaching into practice, caring for Mother Earth. Watch this video.

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