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''Simple, genuine goodness is the best capital to found the business of this life upon.'' said Louisa May Alcott. Contrary to this, today, wealth is often equated to money, breeding scarcity in our minds and hearts. What other forms of wealth can individuals and spaces tap into to experience abundance? Let's take a look!  --Shaalini

Fundraising: A different perspective

Having completed five half marathons, Vineet came across an article on alternate forms of wealth that completely shifted his perspective on fundraising. For his upcoming marathon, he's proposed looking at different forms of capital to minimize the barriers for giving and hopes the marathon will be a transformative experience for the giver and the receiver. Read Full Story »

Seva Cafe: Gratitude gathering on completing 14 years

14 years ago, Seva Cafe started with a simple intention of giving a physical expression to the spirit of 'Atithi Devo Bhava'. As a mother, Seva Cafe has embraced everyone, giving birth to many stories of personal transformation. In this gathering, the children of Seva Cafe share their gratitude for the space that continues to nurture and nourish. Read Full Story »

Anahad: A heart-life institute in the making

With human values, sustainability and spirituality in the center, Anahad manifested five years ago in the hearts of two brothers - Abid and Shabbar. They aspired to live in tune with nature adopting permaculture style farming, build eco-friendly homes and practice nature cure. Ragu traces their journey which has inspired many to explore this path. Read Full Story »

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