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Acts of service are often celebrated through the incredible ripples they create but the ripples also remind that it is important to build the field first before we even get to thinking about the fruits. How does one build that field of selfless service? Bringing together reflections from around the ecosystem that throw light on the question. --Ashima

How Pancho came to Gandhi

From silent Mondays to being conscious of what he eats and wears to non-violent tree-sits to truly giving his heart to the oppressor, Pancho is an embodiment of Gandhi's message and practices. In this candid conversation, he shares the seeds of non-violence that were planted in his childhood and the coming of various teachers who created a field to nurture that seed. Read Full Story »

To Ripple or Not

Parag shares some deeper questions and insights on 'no-agenda' serving. When is an act of service truly selfless? Am I serving my ego by looking for, capturing, and supporting ripples in others or is it about surrendering to a service opportunity in front of me? Is 'no-agenda' service being effortless or lazy? Read Full Story »

3 Steps and a Bow in Mumbai

The Counseling team at Ashiyana Foundation tried a radical approach to get through to a set of children who had committed heinous crimes. They lit lamps and played a prayer to create the ambience for a heart opening "Three Steps and a Bow" experience. The boys were moved to tears in the end. Read Full Story »

Psssst ...

A Story of Hope and courage and faith as a few 100,000 people come together to create a place where differences are disregarded and divisions are removed. A sanctuary of love at the US-Mexico border in Tijuana.

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