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This issue captures the spirit of Gandhi 3.0, which was a beautiful collage of individual participants merging and feeling a sense of oneness. Countless acts of love spontaneously emerged, building on each other and spreading as ripples touching others. When we lose ourselves and our illusions of being in control to the universal force, the magic of life takes over and plays itself out through us. --Vaishali Bhayani

The Vortex of Noble Friendships

Forty global luminaries convened in ESI, Ahmedabad for Gandhi 3.0 -- a gathering without an agenda to support each other's service journeys and experience oneness by surrendering to the "Law of Love". Thirty volunteers served with joy to build a powerful field allowing for ripples to magnetize at the speed of love. Read Full Story »

Surrender: Whatever Happens, Whatever What is, is

Blessed with the noble presence of Arun dada, Nipun, Guri, Audrey and Pancho, a special Awakin Circle was held in Baroda recently around the theme of "Surrendering". After an hour of silence, the guest speakers shared their reflections on "Why surrender?", "What do we surrender to?", "Who surrenders?", "What is the flow?" Read Full Story »

Who is Gandhi today?

Tim Huang recalls Rajmohan Gandhi's description of ''today's Gandhi'' as a citizen of the Earth. He emphasises the need to uphold Gandhian values in today's world. Today's Gandhi would belong to the whole world, he would foster love, but he would also oppose hatred and ill-will. Read Full Story »

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Spreading Love: The newest video from Empty Hands Music with Shivani Ray. Shivani wrote this song when she was 13 and the video was created 3 years after she met Nimo and now the video is released for all to spread the love! 

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