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Presenting a special edition on Awakin Talks - a series of webinars launched recently around the theme ''What Would Gandhi Do?''. Gandhian scholars, social change luminaries, business leaders and everyday heroes from our ecosystem came together to reflect on questions around universal values and find Karuna-filled responses in times of Corona. --Shaalini

Awakin Talks: Michael Nagler, Rajni Bakshi

The inaugural talk was filled with nuggets of lived wisdom from Gandhian scholars, Prof. Michael Nagler and Rajni Bakshi. Nipun and the speakers reflected on "How do we embrace uncertainty, recognize fear without giving into it, and respond with a heart of compassion?" Love warriors Drishti and Rohan shared insights from serving on the ground in these times. Read Full Story »

Awakin Talks: Sister Lucy, Abhay Bang

Gandhians-in-action, Dr. Abhay Bang and Sister Lucy Kurien blessed this call while Meghna gently held space for these gems to emerge. "Could we have Globalization of the heart?", "Every grain of rice that goes from Maher to people should contain love" and many more. Many were touched by Bhaskar's kind acts towards all beings. Read Full Story »

Awakin Talks: Rohini Nilekani, Ravi Venkatesan

It was a treat to listen to two extraordinary leaders - Rohini Nilekani and Ravi Venkatesan. Moderated by Nipun, the speakers explored questions around "How might we Re-imagine abundance for all?", "How would a good Trustee act?"and "What would Gandhi think about Small is Beautiful?". The listeners were deeply moved by the authenticity of their sharing. Read Full Story »

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