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The current pandemic has changed the way we connect with each other. Wired to be social beings, we have witnessed how real, engaging spaces can be created sitting in our living rooms during the lockdown. Below are stories of some such circles where we cultivated deep heart connections, thereby making Virtual Virtuous. --Vaishali Bhayani

Our First Virtual HHH Immersion

No one really knew how the first online immersion would pan out. But this "experiment" led to an enriching experience for the participants and the volunteers. Expressions of being inspired, acts of kindness, touching stories of compassion, sessions with guest speakers intertwined with powerful reflections connected the participants making this virtual retreat very Real. Read Full Story »

Kids-Parents Duo Kindness Challenge

Utilizing the amount of time families were spending together in the lockdown, a 14-day kids-parents lockdown challenge turned out to be a truly moving experience. Activities built around different themes had 30 kids-parents duo experience creativity, reflection, and connectedness. The gratitude experienced led to the creation of a poem appreciating the light of kindness and beauty. Read Full Story »

Reflections on Maitri in Matrutva

15 friends came together in a virtual circle to celebrate and honour all the "mothers" including nature, animals, and relationships that have nurtured them with unconditional love. Through words and art, everyone shared their experiences of being touched by motherhood and wondered "How can we serve those who have been serving us so gently?" Read Full Story »

Psssst ...

112 artists from 21 different countries come together in this collaborative spin on the iconic youth anthem - Dil Chahta Hai! The artists also share what their heart wants — a happy planet, one vada pav, or to eat mom's food!

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