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The act of sharing something - be it a circle, a parikrama or dance - while this gesture of offering support to someone externally, appears to be directed at the other person, in reality, it is for ourselves. These are tools for transformation that inspire change internally when we are there for others.  --Shaalini

My Experience with the Surat Awakin Circles

"The true meaning of life was starting to unfold through sitting in Awakin Circles. It was a celebration or festival every Thursday." Bhavya, the eldest of the three daughters of Pinalben and Nipunbhai reflects on hosting Awakin Circles and holding space for the local community as a family for five years in Surat. Read Full Story »

Awakin Talk on Narmada Parikrama

What does it mean for a family of three to embark on a four-month long sacred walking pilgrimage around Maa Narmada? Arti, Gopal, and their nine-year old daughter Ojaswi share stories, insights and experiences on this Awakin Call anchored by Trupti Pandya, a Narmada Yaatri herself. An absolute surrender from within is the first step. Read Full Story »

A Dance in Karuna

Sangeeta Isvaran, a master performer of Bharatnatyam gifted with a heart of service, shares her experiences during the lockdown - helping migrants find shelter and reaching their hometown, listening with her full attention to an old man and using her power of love to scold someone and ensure their safety. Read Full Story »

Psssst ...

A Tale of Two Worlds: This lovely video by poet Tomos Roberts is a bedtime story about a tale of two worlds — the one pre-coronavirus and the other post-coronavirus leading to The Great Realization

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