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“Service doesn't start when you have something to give; it blossoms naturally when you have nothing left to take.”
~ Nipun. This month, we explore the theme of service as we fondly remember Amrut Kaka’s dedication, bring you highlights from the virtual immersion and an inspiring Awakin Talk with Venkat, the founder of GiveIndia.

HHH Online Immersion, August 2020

Fifteen beautiful hearts held gently by eight hearts of service and innumerable invisible souls stepped into a virtual experiment of love for 7 days in August. Coming together with their deepest values and highest intentions, the participants explored questions around the path of service. Khang brings us an epic recap! Read Full Story »

Amrut Kaka: No Exit Policy

On 12th July, Amrut Kaka, the true guardian angel of Maitri Space left his body but his spirit continues to protect us. He dedicated his life to the ESI campus from day one. As everyone gathered to pay their last respects, they recall the virtues he had left behind for all to embody. Read Full Story »

Awakin Talks: Impact and Transformation

Is serving different from helping or fixing? Can we design for impact and also cultivate a field for transformation? How does one navigate the various intervention points for enduring systemic change? How might we nurture a culture of giving? In this inspiring conversation, Nipun Mehta and Venkat Krishnan explore these questions and beyond. Read Full Story »

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Educate the Heart: Poet and author Shane Koyczan narrates this poignant short video from the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education on the importance of educating children's hearts as well as their minds to adequately prepare them for the world.

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