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What does it take to create and nurture a love-filled space wherever we are planted? How do we learn to keep the ego aside and truly become an instrument? This month, we bring to you inspiring personal journeys of youth, homemakers and educators who are serving silently in their natural environments. --Ashima

Awakin Talks: Youth - Be the Change

How can today's Youth face the uncertain world while staying true to their values? How can Youth lead by example, by "Being The Change"? What practices help nurture resilience and conviction to operate from their natural self? This panel with youth delves deep into their inspiring personal journeys. Read Full Story »

Awakin Talks: Family, Society and Inner Transformation

How to craft freedom for self while dissolving the ego? In this beautiful conversation, four homemakers come together to share their experiences on raising self and society and how to remain anchored through the ups and downs to cultivate wisdom and compassion, for personal, family, and societal evolution. Read Full Story »

Awakin Talks: Education of the Heart

How can love be woven into education and discipline? Or is there a contradiction between love and academic development? Is education of the heart possible without heartful educators? Two Gandhian educators (and friends) share their views, experiments and experiences in bringing education back to its true purpose. Read Full Story »

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Peace to All: The Bangalore Chorus: 
135 members of the Bangalore Chorus from 4 to 70 years of age come together (virtually) to create this beautiful song in an attempt to spread the message of peace and resolve during the lockdown. Enjoy and spread peace to all the world’s family! 

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