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Eckhart Tolle said "When you lose touch with inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself." What is the process to connect with that stillness, which helps us show up in the world as who we truly are and share our gifts? Is it through prayer, through art, through surrender, or through all of them? --Ashima

Power of Prayer: Circle with Maki, Rika, and Yuka

Couple of months ago, there was a very special and sacred circle with Saiongi sisters from Japan - Maki, Rika and Yuka where they shared their journeys. Along with sharing their own experiences of prayer, they also led the whole circle into a prayer of gratitude to the elements of nature. Read Full Story »

Inner Voice, Service, and the Creative Process

What does it mean to let your heart guide your artistic process? Who do we need to become for the best art to flow through us? How does the spirit of service influence the creative gifts we have to offer? Listen to the journeys of 3 beautiful heartists in conversation with Nimo as they share their process, their values, and their dreams. Read Full Story »

The word Listen has Silent in it

Meghna shares a heart touching moment from a visit to a Gurudwara. In the stillness of the evening as a prayer filled up the space and as each devotee went in and out, bowing to the divine, she had the powerful experience of being a part of this sacred dance and being one with each and every devotee. Read Full Story »

Psssst ...

If you can dance, then dance: A simple message from this farming couple who found joy, health and happiness in dancing. This video is sure to bring a lot of smiles and definitely a few moves!

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