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Finding oneself is a journey inwards, where some choose to drop their defences and surrender to “Hari” and others choose to express their stories of what binds them to their family members. It is also about the sacred space that's built by sharing authentic conversations. Hope this issue helps you find your sacred space and BE more of yourSELF! --Vaishali Bhayani

The Baul Tradition - Integration of Gyan, Bhakti, Karma and Seva

Read Parvathy Baul explain about how to be on the path to realization by becoming a true Shishya (Disciple) and by treating the body as a vessel that holds the truth and nurtures it. She describes how a true Baul silences the lake of the heart and allows the lotus to bloom. Read Full Story »

New Story Challenge - You are a continuation of your parents & ancestors

In this story, Marilyn D talks about how the loss of her only sister made her realize the need to hold and honor her own story with love, compassion, and gratitude. Through the writing prompted by the New Story Challenge pod, she felt connected to her family memories and experienced her life as a story that continues to unfold. Read Full Story »

Sacred Space - Value in Human Connections

29 participants from 9 different countries virtually met and got immersed to discover how authentic Listening, Seeing, Doing & Trusting can lead to creation of a sacred space. They traversed various spectrums, practiced generative listening, and surrendered to that space built through ‘trust’ and laddered through the pod and beyond. Read Full Story »

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Choose Love!
Fran lost her mother when the Laddership Pod was in progress. This video is a gift by the pod participants, who chose to be by Fran’s side by expressing their love through this video.

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