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In the last year, the way we understand education and schooling has shifted over and over. Is it about reimagining or returning to the essence of learning? This month we bring reflections from the past and present to ponder on questions like what is a school? What is the role of an educator and who is an educator? --Ashima

Journeying Back to the Roots

As an educator, Vipul has witnessed the demerits of factory schooling. Vipul's passion for education translates into an urge to explore its creative potential for a fundamental, radical transformation in human consciousness. His deep connection with nature led him to questions like What would education look like when the world is our classroom and our life is the curriculum? Read Full Story »

Gifts from a teacher

Trupti reflects on how the daily prayer practice of her primary school science teacher sowed seeds of the sacred in her. While she didn't understand the words back then and often participated only because the teacher did, years later as the meaning of the words started unfolding, the practice helped her find strength and also connect with prayers deeply. Read Full Story »

Educating our children’s hearts

What if a mother became a teacher? Responding to her heart's feelings about how she wanted to nurture her child, Meghna started home-schooling her daughter. "In a sense both me and my daughter are going to school together" A school which is not bound by four walls but is everywhere and where learning is led by her daughter's questions. This timeless talk has beautiful stories for all educators. Read Full Story »

Psssst ...

Welcome to the Forest: When we think of early education, we often default to visions of desks and rote memorization. We don’t think of schooling as an outdoor activity. Enter the Forest School, which takes children outside to learn through experience.

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