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Loss and grief can be heavy burdens to bear. But compassion and empathy from people around us can give us hope and new motivation. In these times, we can offer solace to people and communities by being with them. Through silent communion, through prayers, and through humble service, we can reach out and allow the divine will to work through us. --Vaishali Bhayani

Global Prayer Circle

When there is tragedy all around, we all sat in silence with the aggrieved and offered our silent compassion. Leaders from multiple faiths gathered to hold space and pray for humanity. Their coming together helped invoke the sacred from diverse traditions and led to a dialogue on practices and solutions that we can offer to the community in these difficult times Read Full Story »

Prem, Purusharth & Prarthana

Kishan Ladha talks about how we can keep our faith intact in these times of grief and challenge.If we are conscious that we are just instruments of the Divine, then a lot is possible even during testing times. An attitude of humility helps us alleviate the suffering of people around us. Read Full Story »

Surrendering to the Flow

Read Tez narrating the story of her father and her surrender at a time when she was completely lost. Surrendering guided her in a direction where, just by serving love, she felt in a flow and divine guidance led her to the directions that she needed to go. Read Full Story »

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Let's Pray Together. The power of prayer is immense. It relieves the grieving heart and heals and energizes it. This popular school prayer can be an anchor that grounds us during these tough times. It reminds us that service is our duty and it’s our only true religion.

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