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This month, we feature deep conversations with three inspiring women who have beautifully woven their life into service and service into their life. When there is no separation, what kind of a field are they able to create? What inner cultivation does it take to serve with joy every moment?  --Shaalini

Awakin Talks with Dr Hansaji

Dr Hansaji has dedicated her life to train and mentor souls in the path of Yoga. As the Director of the 103-year old Yoga Institute, Mumbai, she has been instrumental in creating programs to impact the lives of women, children and senior citizens. Listen to her lived wisdom on values, relationships and purpose. Read Full Story »

Conversation with Dr Maki Kawamura

A paediatrician, global peace leader, mother of three, founder of a Center for Cancer Patients and a Hospice, Dr Maki Kawamura shares insights and lessons from serving those in the final moments of their life. Maki shares straight from her heart about holding space with love, deep listening, acceptance and reverence. Read Full Story »

Deep Talk with Audrey

"One thing that I've been learning more and more is, who am I to know what's for the greater good? The more that I serve, the more I see that." One of the many gems shared by the "extraudreynary" volunteer behind the scenes at ServiceSpace! Presenting Audrey, up close and personal:) Read Full Story »

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A Hundred “Thank You”s: 
For a year and a half, artist Lori Portka painted her gratitude through individual pieces of art for 100 people who have made a difference in her life. This beautiful film captures Lori's motivation and some of the emotions from the recipients of her gratitude.

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