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How does one find the trust and faith to surrender to the unknown? What does it take to truly know that when they jump, the net will appear? This month, we feature deep conversations with individuals who have had the clarity and courage to let go the paths of predictable success to pursue meaning. How does that pursuit shift their work and its nature?  --Ashima

Perma-Culture and Prema-Culture: Awakin Talk with Hang Mai and Chau Duong

Farmers, social entrepreneurs and community weavers, Hang and Chau live on a small farm in Vietnam. Rooted in the principles of permaculture and Fukuoka's 'do-nothing farming', they have been practicing and promoting a lifestyle that relies on nature instead of controlling it. Listen to their stories in this talk, moderated by another farmer, Raghu. Read Full Story »

From ‘Profit’ to ‘Potential’: Awakin Talk with Mekin Maheshwari

A regular boardroom meeting turned into a pivotal point in Mekin's journey and shifted his focus from optimizing profits to unlocking potential. In this deep conversation with Nipun, Mekin shares about this journey, his mentors, what gives him joy, his vision for education, the questions he is holding and his switch from 'knowing' to a learner's mindset of exploring the unknown. Read Full Story »

Journey as the Destination: Awakin Talk with Ravi Gulati

Ravi believes that ''The abiding source of happiness is in finding meaning''. Post MBA, he quit his corporate job in Canada to undertake a yatra across India, the experiences from which deeply shaped his being. He started Manzil as a learning space for kids from economically scarce backgrounds and continues to nurture communities and foster people's growth. Read Full Story »

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I am free: ''I am free when my heart is open. Yes I am free when my mind is clear
oh dear brother, oh dear sister let's walk together, mindfully''
A beautiful song from Plum Village that Hang sang at the end of the call and a beautiful end to this newsletter too.

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