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On this occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, we bring you a special edition with inspiring stories from Gandhiji’s life narrated by Nipun, a tribute to Gopal dada — a pure soul who lived by the Gandhian values and a conversation with Vallabh Bhanshali on transforming business with the power of love. 

Vallabh Bhanshali on Profit and Love

"When we address people with principles and possessions, things do not change. When we address with love, things change." A leading investment banker, investor, venture capitalist, trustee of the BSE, meditator, seeker of truth and a philanthropist---Vallabh Bhanshali is in conversation with Nipun Mehta on the theme of Profit and Love. Read Full Story »

Gandhi 3.0: Bridging the Internet and the Inner-net

A few years ago, Nipun Mehta gave a talk at Emory University that weaves stories from Gandhi's life into an illuminating take on how to live the ideal of 'change yourself, change the world' today. Watch and reflect on how you can be a ripple of love in the world. Read Full Story »

Gopal Dada: Love Personified

Deeply inspired by the teachings of Gandhi and Vinobha, Gopal dada surrendered himself to the path of non-violence and offered to become a Shanti-Sainik to serve the community. He walked for thousands of kilometers with Vinobhaji in Gujarat as part of the Bhoodan movement and moved hearts with his soulful songs. Read Full Story »

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Commemorating Gandhi's birthday, ServiceSpace is holding a series of conversations around "Law of Love", and following that, volunteers will be hosting a week-long Gandhi Today Pod later this year. If you wish to participate, do sign up here.

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