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The individual as a unit and the community as a platform – both can play a key role in healing and care. As individuals when we learn to self-care and self-heal, our inner change can be a powerful force for external change. The articles in this issue highlight this poignantly. The Gandhi podcast series that commenced on Dec12, moves further to discuss the elements of Panchashakti -  the five factors of community, education, business, nonprofit, and leadership that together awaken the language of love. --Vaishali Bhayani

Finding Treasure in Trauma

Trauma can pull you down, but also can be a gateway to personal growth. Combining eastern and western wisdom, James Gordon has developed techniques that help a person to become more whole than earlier, when faced with trauma. Self-care is an inherent part of this process of self-healing. Read Full Story »

Can one care for others without taking Care of Self?

When one is faced with a monumental personal tragedy, how important is self-care and what is its role in handling grief? Compassion for others is prized as a virtue, but at times prioritizing self-care may be the only way to claw your way back from a emotionally traumatic blow Read Full Story »

The Law of Love

Gandhi once said – “As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him.” Vinoba Bhave, Gandhi's successor in India, offered a concrete metaphor of "Panchshakti" - five fingers of a hand that can collectively unlock this potential. Listen to the podcast that discusses these five factors of community, education, business, nonprofit, and leadership – that awaken the law of love when together! Read Full Story »

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If you can be compassionate to your ownself, You can be compassionate towards others too. Experience self compassion through some simple tips in this video

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