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Parker Palmer said, ''Community doesn’t just create abundance – community is abundance.'' In this newsletter we bring stories of service initiatives and actions that tap into this collective prosperity. --Ashima

Sheela Murthy: Extending Hospitality Even Through Inhospitable Times

25 years ago, Sheela Murthy, a renowned immigration lawyer, started sharing free legal information on her website. The aim was never to bring clients but to help people feel empowered and respected. Over the years, she has helped many navigate the immigration challenges in the US. Underlying all the work is a heart full of compassion and love and a deep drive for service. Read Full Story »

'Wall of Goodness' brings warmth to Dhanbad winters

In a unique initiative, Dhanbad youths are helping their community deal with the chilling cold. A large number of winter clothing items including jackets, sweaters, blankets and woolen caps are being hung on the nails of ''Neki ki Diwar'' (wall of goodness) built on the side wall of KC Girls School in Jharia. Read Full Story »

Touch as Nutrition

John Tuite talks about the nutritional value to touch and why many, perhaps most adults, suffer from significant degrees of starvation in this arena. Too often we underestimate the power of a touch and reserve it for the appropriate moments with appropriate people. How can we be more generous in receiving and giving it? Read Full Story »

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Community Fridge: India is a country where we produce twice the amount of food needed, but still millions sleep without food. Dr. Issa Fathima aims to eradicate hunger and food waste at the same time.

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