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Many of us may be pondering over these questions from time to time -- What happens after death? What dies and what will live on? What do I cultivate in my being today that will bring complete awareness during the last moment? In this special edition, we bring you powerful exchanges with speakers on the topic of death.  --Shaalini

Nipun: "Death of Me, Birth of We"

"How you live is how you die" says Nipun, who decided to face his fear of death by volunteering in a hospice when he was only 18. In this moving talk, he shares personal stories and insights on serving the grieving, the dying and the deceased skillfully, by being present. Read Full Story »

Ven. Karma Lekshe: Tibetan Wisdom on Death

The topic of death and dying inspired Ven. Karma Lekshe to ordain more than 40 years ago. A scholar at the intersection of spirituality and service, she has pioneered monasticism for females. Apart from sharing her deep wisdom, she offers a powerful 10-minute guided meditation on the 5 stages of death. Read Full Story »

Maki Kawamura: Stories from a Hospice in Japan

Serving in a hospice has brought Maki up close with living and dying and exploring pertinent questions around the last moments: What does dying teach us about living? What questions come to life on one's deathbed? How do the values of loved ones who've departed live on in our lives? Read Full Story »

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