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''The miracle is this; the more we share, the more we have.'' Leonard Nimoy
In this newsletter we bring stories of shared wonder, kindness, and knowledge creating a more compassionate world.


Help your child to wonder

In this 1950 article, Rachel Carson shares the experience of her daily nature explorations with her nephew. ''A child's world is full of wonder and excitement.'' Read on to explore how keeping alive this innate sense of wonder is at the root of building compassionate and kindful adults. Read Full Story »

Red Light Ripple Effect

A red light, a stopped car and a homeless person. This short account of how an act of kindness can ripple into a dance of gratitude will surely bring a smile to your heart. Read Full Story »

How doctors saved a lion from going blind

A team of doctors went to great lengths to save a lion from going blind. The 5-year old lion had developed cataract in both his eyes and for the first time, doctors performed a cataract surgery on lion after extensive research and expert consultations. Read Full Story »

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Retreat: With a sacred intention of bringing about a deep transformation, we are delighted to share that Moved by Love retreats are restarting in Ahmadabad. 

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